Religions and their similarities

Ten Realities about Religions and their Similarities….



  1. If the cultural influences and their respective rituals of every religion were eliminated, all most of the religions will appear to be very similar in nature.
  2. Every prophet of every religion appears to have preached almost identical sets of beliefs and behaviors. Concepts of peace, love, sin, forgiveness, tolerance, and praying to the creator all seem to be identical.
  3. After every prophet seemed to have only preached peace and divinity before they died, it appears that the people who took on the immediate leadership of their followers had more influence in how the social conduct, concept of the religion, political structure, and rituals be structured. At times many of these value sets were not necessarily akin to the preaching’s of the prophet but more aligned to the political systems and regional power plays.
  4. Every religion over the years had its share of power struggle, wars, killings, and destruction carried by…

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