Doing extraordinary things in life is an ordinary persons job

Despicable Yet Wonderful You

What is ordinary for some is extraordinary for others. The several daily unsung heroes walk along us battling the same mundane life. But every once in a while they come across an extraordinary situation and opportunity to do something extraordinary, and they jump both feet in while others dont. Thus they break away from the ordinary people and do somethign extraordinary. They are no different from you, but they chose to take the plunge first. They too have very simialr contrains and things to worry about in life, but they set it aside and defy the norm. If you conform to the world and its ways as you have been asked or told to, you will always live just as everyone else and be no different. The limitations, the constrains, the complexities, the hurdles, disappointments, and the balanced amount of happiness will all be limited only by the constrains of your willingness, thoughts and a set of…

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