LIFE happens….


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon

I truly believe in this quote. I have looked at many other lives along with mine and realized that we keep missing on “life” and/or the essentials of what is “life” while we do other things that we give priority to. If one spends some time giving this a little thought and try to stop every once in a while to appreciate the experiences, I believe, it will have a profound effect in one’s personality and help align their live with the aspects that truly fulfills their purpose and existence in life. Here are a few that I have noticed…

Life happens such….

We miss the joys of being a child while we spend our childhood trying to grow up fast.

We ignore the “education” while we work towards just getting a certificate.

We neglect the pleasure of giving when we get consumed by greed.

We forget to inspire while we focus on leading.

We do not realize the value when we aspire for instant gratification.

We are oblivious of the pleasures of love when we hold on to hate.

We neglect our family when we concentrate on making money.

We insult out intelligence when we indulge in boasting.

We forget to follow Gods message when we blindly follow religious rituals.

We degrade ourselves when we display anger and arrogance.

We neglect the sacrifices of our parents when we get too busy for them.

We forget what truly makes us happy when we become too busy to succeed.

We become less human when we depend too much on machines and systems.

We become too hardened when we do not share the pain of the distressed.

We become poor in values when we become too rich in possessions.

We let in ignorance in our minds when we critique someone else’s efforts or failures.

We belittle ourselves when we get eager to condemn others.

We insult the creator when we make fun of his creation.

We disrespect nature and its purity when we pollute.

We forget our blunders when we get too blinded to punish others for theirs.

We forget our sins when we focus on finding faults in others.

We attract bad luck and fate when we hurt others feelings and emotions.

We insult our intelligence when we get consumed by rage.

We disrespect humanity when we take pleasure in others sorrow.

We insult our own faith when we criticize others beliefs.

We try hiding our ignorance when we speak without knowledge.

We destroy our future when we live for the day.

We destroy our day when we live for the moment.

We destroy the moment when we live in denial.

Many of us, if not all, are guilty of such things. We do not learn from many such experiences in life because we are too busy doing the opposite or focusing on wrong behaviors. But we are such that we shrug it off and hide behind our standard excuse of “we are only human”. “Only Human”??? Really?

I beg to differ, because I see ourselves as a very advanced and evolved creation. Each of us posses a superior and unique intellect and skill sets. And it is well within our abilities and intelligence to make the right choices with some focused thinking and evaluation of self and the situations we face in our respective lives.

Life just happens to every one. But what we can do with it is amazing. It is for us to experience it and take it where we what we what it to be because with our choices and behaviour we can change each and every single aspect of it and learn from it and enjoy it.

But life is too short. By the time we get half way towards our goals, we often find ourselves way past our prime. So live life today and everyday to the best of your ability. Every day your spend doing nothing worthwhile is a day that will bear heavily upon your conscience when you are old. You can live in denial and refute the advice, but the bitterness of guilt is only yours to endure, and it sadly sinks in when you have little patience to bear in life.

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