Only ordinary people do extraordinary things and become greater beings. You are no different!

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If you conform to the world and its ways as you have been asked or told to, you will always live just as everyone else and be no different. The limitations, the constrains, the complexities, the hurdles, disappointments, and the balanced amount of happiness will all be limited only by the constrains of your willingness, thoughts and a set of beliefs you have acquired from others. But the wonderful truth about this is the fact that your life is not limited by your true abilities, capabilities, freedom of expression, dreams and desires. If you focus and act on these enabling factors as opposed to the factors that you believe limit you, you will achieve the extraordinary.

If you think of yourself as just another ordinary person, then remember that every great person in history and living was once considered to be ordinary as well just like you. They only became extraordinary because they identified and used their enabling factors of life and not their disabling circumstances. We are unknowingly often pushed towards progressive evolution. We only progress in life. If you think of your life a few years back, you will find that you have come only ahead in life. And you will thus only progress and grow better. But this is done by what you choose to do by realizing our potential and numerous capabilities.

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. ~Thomas Alva Edison

Every great person that we know of who have made the impossible and unthinkable possible were once just ordinary people like you. Their greatness came along and the shifted from being ordinary people into extraordinary ones by doing things that were different and against the comfort of conformity and helpless acceptance. They each stood their grounds, held on to their beliefs, used their skills, will and courage to realize what they believed in. They faced their share of criticism, swam against the tide, fought against the popular beliefs, challenged every single obstacle, failed, picked themselves up and achieved success with determination. Just as every ordinary people do almost in every life. Only they believed and set out to do things that were bigger, better and amazing. Some invented great things, some made movies, some developed technology, some discovered, some inspired people, some served humanity and some built amazing things. Collectively and individually they changed their lives, influenced other peoples lives and changed this world.

If all misfortunes were laid in one common heap whence everyone must take an equal portion, most people would be contented to take their own and depart. ~Socrates

If you take the time to read about any such extraordinary people and their lives, you will quickly learn that many of them came from very humble beginnings and some from very hard and stifling backgrounds. Many of them were rejected and faced severe criticism. Yet they persevered and persistently pursued their dreams. Some did it with focused discipline while some made it by erratic behaviors but with sheer confidence and courage. You will also simultaneously learn that almost every one of them faced the same daily challenges that we do. They were cheated, let down, failed etc, but every one of them never gave up and succumbed to defeat. They each had this amazing will power and wisdom to pick themselves up, dust their defeat away, learn from it, became more humble and marched their way to success. None of them had super natural powers, or were born into a life of protection and immunity of life challenges. They were just as ordinary people as you and I.

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

– Michael Jordan

What makes you different from such great people is your goals and purpose in life. If you choose, you can change your world and make it amazing. If you choose you can achieve your desires no matter how small or big they are. And if you choose you can never learn and keep facing your life from one problem to another. Should you choose a higher purpose, dream big, desire for unthinkable success and do greater things in life, you will. But these can only be realized when you begin to take your first step towards achieving these with determination, will, courage and focus. And when you do so, you will find yourself doing these simple but effective things that all great people do:

  • Think differently and strive to do something different and big in life
  • Work hard towards your objectives and strive to accomplish them always
  • Never rest until you achieve every small goals in your journey towards success
  • Learn to see and work each problem you face as an unique opportunity you have been given to develop the solution for
  • Gain strength from each of your small successes and set higher goals
  • Learn from your mistakes and failures and try again with greater wisdom
  • Learn to be humble and not let your success stop your ability to grow further and do greater things
  • Develop and uphold high principles and values in life
  • Meet and learn from other great and successful people
  • Learn to see the positive in every person you meet and learn from them
  • Change and inspire everyone you meet and make them want to do great things too
  • Avoid petty thoughts and excessive indulgence in negativity and criticism of others and things
  • Learn to be tactful and smart in every things you do
  • Strive to be different and smarter than the ones you consider to be the best
  • Be compassionate and caring
  • Help others and be a hero to someone
  • Laugh and make others laugh

The beauty of each of these characteristics is that you, the ordinary person, can do it today and do it now. You have the skills, the ability, the courage, the strength and the freedom of choice. You can achieve each and every thing you dream. From winning over someone’s love, to being successful in your job, achieving your career goals, doing greater things in life, staring your own business, making more money to achieving things that can change this world are all things you can do just and many other ordinary people before you did and continue to do daily. Think about this: Would you have more respect and appreciation for a boxer who fought a worthy opponent over several rounds by withstanding every blow and punch and yet managed to win the bout after several hard rounds or a boxer who knocked out his weak opponent in the first few seconds? The hardships and troubles make the win and success worthy. And yet the winner gathers the humility and class to thank his loosing opponent for the fight and say a few words of appreciation.

Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and discovering our genius. ~Robert Brault

It all begins when you realize that in only takes the ordinary you to do the extra ordinary things in life. And once you realize this, you take your first step now, and at this very moment. Not tomorrow, later or Monday! Now, this very second and do it with confidence.

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. ~Author Unknown


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