The hero within you


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Heroes are ordinary people that have achieved extraordinary things in life.  ~ Dave Winfield

The funny thing about us people is that we are perhaps the only species that does a mistake knowingly and with full awareness. We are the only creation on this planet that know what is wrong and still make a deliberate choice to do it anyway.A superior creation with the greatest gift of skills, knowledge, and abilities that surpasses every other creation often knowingly and willingly do the most stupidest of things in life. We know the consequences of smoking and are fully aware of the numerous stats and facts there are available, yet we willingly choose to smoke.We know how our actions, careless attitude and words may hurt the very people we love, yet we do it.We know what we need to do to succeed in life, become better people, and make simple yet great contributions to our world, yet we choose to take the lazy or easier path in life and choose to indulge in vain behaviours.

We the “Knowledgeable Man” – “Human Beings” do it.

If there is anything that the world, history, people, life, and every major event has thought us, it is that we people can do the most amazing of things in each of our lives. We can destruct, create, hate, love, take or give and live as nobody and stay bitter due to our prejudice or become somebody and leave behind a legacy. We can make great positive contributions to humanity, our family or even just one individual. We can influence, coax, inspire or provide. Yet often we end up doing nothing.

When we compare our lives today to those who lived just a few decades ago, we will realize that we live a much easier life with several amazing tools to our disposal. We go to work in much more sophisticated cars, speak to people on a wireless telephone linked to our car via Bluetooth, travel faster, cheaper, do several tasks more faster and error free, enjoy the best of technology and comparatively life a much easier life. We also live in much bigger houses, have the ability to exercise more time for our recreation and interests, and tap the whole world of knowledge and information thought our browsers via a phone. Basically, our abilities, knowledge and life has exponentially grown in the last few years as many of us continue to enjoy the mundane monotonous routine, and  indulge in the ever consuming materialistic world of toys, entertainment, self entitlement and insatiable greed.

Then amongst the midst of us emerges a hero. An individual who almost experiences the same life most of us do, but yet sets to achieve a task that many of us seldom take the trouble or have the inclination to do. It almost happens every day. Saving a drowning person, a fireman saving someones house, a doctor saving someones life, a sports man breaking a record, and the list goes on. Amidst the numerous tragedy, crisis, vanity and selflessness of the ever chaotic world, these often unsung heroes go about doing many great things in life. Some may not seem great to many, but the greatness is certainly experiences by those who receive it. It could be simple things in life that we may never think about. Visiting our aging parents and helping them out, driving courteously, being kind enouhg to stop your car a little while longer to allow someone to cross the road on a cold day, helping someone needy, buying a coffee to the door man at your building, or even a simple hug to show someone who you care and love them. Even such simple gestures often mean a lot more to the person who receives it. Only if we could exercise a little patience, some genuine care, showing respect for humanity, humility, righteousness, just actions, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, and above all using our time and skills to benefit others, almost everyone us can truly become the daily heroes in someone’s life.  If you thing about these a little deeper and draw parallels with the Super heros we know off, you will soon realize that this is exactly what they do. The same thought process, honest care, standing up for what is right, serving humanity, helping the needy, doing what they can within their powers to save others from trouble or being wronged.  So, how different are you really from any Super Hero?

My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them. ~ Bono

Superman, Batman, and the list of fictional heroes along with the several real life heroes and achievers like, scientists, politicians, leaders, sportsmen, musicians etc., also go through several problems we experience.  They too face and  fight against obstacles, fail but never give up, goes away in silent contemplation and return with renewed will and zest, find solutions and courage, and overcome their fears and hurdles to become a hero.

Nurture your minds with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.  ~ Benjamin Disraeli
In other words, they are generous and charitable in nature, helpful and giving in deeds, protective of their loved ones, willing to face every obstacle in life, and develop solutions to get over them, be willing to fail and learn from their experiences, always keep moving forward in life, think, indulge in some self-analysis, make some positive changes in self, change attitudes and muster courage and persevere until they win.If you give these a little thought, you will soon realize that every single one of these acts is possible by you, I or anyone else. Many of them are very simple ones. Easily do-able. The difference being the will and attitude! You do not have to freeze a lake, move a mountain, or fly around the world to do great things. Your greatness lies in the most simplest of things in your daily lives. Often your deeds are perceived to be much greater than you will ever know by those who value it and receive it. The drive, determination and will to keep trying to win regardless of the obstacles, failures, criticism, or time is what makes the difference.

Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just braver five minutes longer. ~ Ronald Reagan

Try being a “Super Hero” for just one single moment every day. It may become a habit. That habit may inspire another. That inspiration may become contagious and Voila! You have single-handedly influenced the world around you by that 1 single moment by being “Super Hero”!  You can do small great things and be a hero at work, become a hero for your spouse, for your children, for your siblings, for yourself. Try it! It anything, it will only add just another positive moment to your life. No, it doesn’t take much. And once done, make it a habit and collect such several “Super Hero” moments and make your life worthwhile. Sponsor a child, a family, be charitable, volunteer at a local shelter for those in need, be compassionate, tolerant, loving, generous, selfless and forgiving.
The reason progress is slow is that we always expect other men to be the heroes and to live the heroic lives. But we all have hero stuff in us. In our sphere of life we can always live more heroically and triumphantly and grow in heroic stature.  ~ Wilferd A. Peterson

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