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Be Inspirational in character and inspire others to be like you and do great things in life NOT arrogant and force others to follow you by using your social, occupational, situational or relationship based authority.

Be forgiving and learn that everyone does mistakes and sometimes blunders just like you may do at times, NOT a bitter person and hold grudges against all those who do wrong, because everybody does. Often forgiveness and kindness help others realize their mistakes and inspires them to become better.

 Be intelligent and smart and constantly strive to learn by yourself and take educated decisions, NOT stupidly follow other people’s opinions and advices regardless of sense of authority. Experts often are wrong too. Educate yourself.

 Be open minded and learn from experiences and the good things people do regardless of their age, status or culture, NOT stubborn and pigheaded and stop yourself from learning things and dwell in your own conceived ideas and beliefs that may be wrong and primitive.

Be generous when giving to the needy and helping others, NOT selfish and greedy in nature. You rather enjoy your gifts and wealthy by doing good things with it for yourself and spreading happiness than be the richest person in the grave who has experienced nothing worthwhile in life.

Be accepting of others and learn to see the good in people, NOT judgemental and hold prejudice against people who you do not really know well. Realize that every person, culture, religion and belief systems have their portion of good and moral beliefs and some insensible rituals or practices.

Be loving and caring towards everyone and especially your immediate family and friends, NOT hating are insensitive because no matter how emotionally and physically strong you think you are, it is only love that will sooth you and comfort you in life. And every single person in this world starves for such love and care whether they admit it or not.

Be self critical in nature in an effort to self improve and become a better person NOT critical of others all the time. Finger pointing and telling others where they are going wrong regardless of the fact you have earned the right to do so or not, is easy, but handling others being critical of you isn’t. You rather become better and inspire others than indulge in vain criticism of others.

Be modest and realistic in life, learn that good things come in life only when you have strived enough to earn it, NOT vain and materialistic. Instant gratification and having the latest gadgets and accessories to show off to other sonly lasts a few moments and bears very heavy on your bank balance. Real meaningful and people of sound characters often love and respect you for the person who you really are, your nature, honestly and personality not your possessions and the toys you play with.

Be nice. Do good things in life and live by sound morals and ethics, NOT nasty and abrasive where you do not care about the consequences and affects of your behaviour. Karma is a bitch they say. What goes around will come around and often at a time when you are the most vulnerable in life. There is no escape for your deeds, good or bad.

Be responsible and take charge of your life and go achieve what you desire for in life, NOT a victim to circumstances and spend the rest of your life blaming others for the things that you didn’t not care enough to do. There is no one you can blame but yourself for your failures. Life is often an obstacle race and filled with hurdles, weather you jump over them or slide through underneath, the job of overcoming them is your own responsibility.


God has entrusted me with myself. – Epictetus


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