Paradoxes of our changing times, people and paradigms


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Sensible humans, insensible beings.  We the knowledgeable and the most gifted of creation do many things that opposes our own basic sensibilities. It is amusing to see people who know the right from wrong but still choose to do what is wrong. For example a person knows the consequences of smoking, the cigarette packs carry horrific pictures of how the internal organs of smokers appears when damaged, and there are seriously alarming statistics for anyone to learn from, yet the knowledgeable man knowingly chooses to smoke. Those who live in a free world with fair law and protection feel the need to carry a gun for self-protection etc. With all the progressive evolution and technological advancements it still appears many things haven’t changed sadly. Man still continues to live in fear, hunger still kills people, and wars still seem to be inevitable.

I often wonder where the days have gone where people welcomed others to visit their country proudly with a warm smile. Have you seen the expressions and demeanor of today’s immigration officers across the world? People now have become accustomed to handing their self-respect and dignity to these uniformed first faces of the country they visit. Being intimidated, unwelcome and at times getting insulted has become a norm while visiting many of our so-called “first world” nations. I find it very shocking and upsetting to see how we have chosen to sacrifice our manners, hospitality, culture, and respect for others under the excuse of terrorism? Aren’t people able to see how they have allowed institutional authorities to scare them into dropping their own privacy, dignity and respect at the feet of a security officer, where some of them take the liberty to abuse the power and authority with arrogance and total disregard to basic human dignity?  I find it appalling to see a father of a young girl stand in line at an airport security check in and watch the pride, love and honor of his house being touched and “patted down” by hand or video screened by a total stranger and he cannot do anything about it. When will our mute conscience scream out for justice for self and all? Is this the state and condition of living we choose in our advanced and developed world? Does security measures have to be this humiliating and disrespectful? Can’t there be a more efficient and respectable process developed with all the technology we have in place today? Do we really have to pack our dignity and leave it at home before we decide to travel for a simple holiday? Does the new highly advanced metal detector really need the person to assume a less dignified position and hold their belongings in both their hands up over their forehead? And the only alternative option is an invasive and more degrading hand pat-down by some stranger under the arrogance of authority? Is this the educated, free and respectable world? This is the free country of today that claims to uphold the respect, dignity and equal rights for everyone?

The age and times of today have changed a lot and less reasonable on the account of political ambitions and personal financial gains of a few powerful people. It seems to be a world that is run by corporations like a corporation. Certain countries are run by corporations and some countries are run by taking-over corporations. We are now witnessing a serious shift in many traditional institutional methods along with age-old perceptions. The military superpowers of yesterday are standing on their knees before the economic superpowers of today. What was once touted as a free country is lot more constrained, rude, interrogative, and invasive where their own people are being oppressed softly than the ones they admonished during the cold war days. The “show me your papers” has been replaced by a simple credit card, social security card or even a basic drivers license. People are watched more carefully and closely with total disregard to their privacy and dignity by advanced technology preying deep into their personal lives. Today’s power abusing government officials keep us so puzzled with their intimidation and scare tactics that we do not have time to realize that our basic rights have also been taken away by new laws and regulations in the name of security. Democratic governments have begun to treat people like dictators while dictatorships have learned to control their people with the false pretext of democracy. Broken homes grow with more frequent divorces over trivial reasons as people become wealthier. The unreasonable distribution of “divorce settlements” feed this trend regardless of the fact that divorce is one of the top reasons for bankruptcies. It has become a legal, super-sensitive and precarious task to correct and reprimand your own children when they misbehave. Basic human lives have lost their value. Countries that were considered poor have become richer while once prosperous countries battle economic crisis. Elected leaders continue to make poor and selfish decisions while people continue to suffer helplessly, and wisdom sits under the thumb of people’s mobile web browsers while they continue to make poor choices and continue to become more ignorant on account of their arrogance. I wonder at times how this world will be, if countries can form coalitions to help other countries, stop wars, maintain peace, eradicate disease and poverty and educate, as opposed to standing together only to fight a common enemy sitting over valuable natural resources.

As people we have become more individualistic in nature by shrugging off our basic responsibilities towards our loved ones, family, humanity and the world we share. We are quick to retaliate against our loved ones when we put up with lot more nonsense from people who don’t matter to us. We easily hurt the people who love us without thinking, but we think twice before we say anything to a stranger. We have chosen to work harder at our jobs to succeed while we feel tired to work on the necessary relationships of our lives. “Sorry I do not have the time to attend to your human wants honey because I am too busy attending to the wants of a heartless entity I work for.” Money takes precedence over humanity. We have increasingly become more critical, untrusting and disrespectful of the opposite sex. Socially we have become stranger and paranoid. We look at almost everyone with suspicion. We may live in a community for several years yet we do not know our very neighbors name. Personally we have become more egoistic and arrogant regardless of what we truly are. We have become more demanding and short-tempered. We choose to be rude, unhappy and disrespectful to others over the most minor of incidents. Dignity and self-respect is put in the bottom shelf. We have increasingly become cynical human beings.

We hate and condemn narcotics traffickers and producers yet we pay top dollars to abuse our bodies with such drugs. We despise and religiously oppose prostitution, sex crimes, sex trafficking, child pornography, but yet we create a demand for them by indulging in such heinous and animalistic behaviors that are serious crimes against humanity. Are the producers and traffickers worse or the people who create the demand for such industries by paying top dollars worse?  The producer often escapes the legalities due to their connections while the consumers of such vices are clearly visible and yet not charged because of their fame and money. Yet the strictest of laws and severest of punishments are generously doled out on the victims of sex trades and traffickers of narcotics.

Look at the state of all these religions across the world. What a paradoxical mess they are in. Holy men caught in sinful acts. Religions of peace are being tainted by acts of chaos and terror. Men are treated as Gods by highly educated people, while God has lost his value over the many rituals and norms of the man-made religions. When all prophets were sent by one God and all are have the same family and creation, why do we separate them by different man-made religions and rituals? Yet, strangely the modern and evolved man chooses to follow the age-old paradigms developed by men thousands of years ago. Common knowledge about faith indicates that God created mankind in his own image and conveyed the message to live in peace, be humble, respect and serve humanity, treat each other like you would want to be treated yourself, love thy neighbor, be righteous, uphold morals, and help the needy and the poor. But the religions that were developed by the followers of the prophets and not the prophets themselves advocate segregation of humanity by religions, hate people who do not support your religious rituals, norms and beliefs, be violent, burn, kill and be arrogant and feel superior. I wonder if we are truly this blinded by the rituals of the religions to see the message of the creator. When we all read the same message in different books, why do we fail to see the similarities? People have become more religious lately but less spiritual. They choose to show their faith and religion by the display of their clothes and words rather with their conduct and character. I find it very funny to see people looking up towards the sky when seeking help from God when God is considered to be omnipresent? God in all faiths asks to help humanity. If this is so, is it necessary to help and feed the poor and serve humanity under the condition of changing their religion? Does charity have to be billed as Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or any other denominational charities? Can’t we be just simple human beings and help our fellow kind regardless of their cast, creed, color or faith?

Many of us thrive on our relationships in our lives. These relationships feed our need for love, compassion, comfort, and a sense of belonging. The importance and influence of these relationships plays a vital part in the formation of our characters, behaviors and lifestyle choices. Yet there are those who are extremely callous with such relationships. Many cheat in love when they expect loyalty and honesty in it. Some have less value for the ones who make major sacrifices for their love over people who flatter their false egos. People begin to realize the worth of people only after they lose them from their lives. We are often too late to say sorry and speak words of love. We often remember the hurt someone has caused us and forget the good they have done and the happiness they gave us. People increasingly are becoming into more pseudo personalities in this world when it’s hard enough to be your true self. And for momentary happiness or satisfaction that usually doesn’t last for more than a few hours we choose to sacrifice our futures. Instant gratification has become the norm and thus once again we create yet another industry to feed our vain behaviors. We carry more applications on our phones than we can care to use, we live in bigger houses with fewer people, buy more than our affordability, talk but don’t listen, and then blame everything around us but ourselves. People hold on to a much higher sense of self entitlement. They no longer are humble and many feel they deserve much more and all others in their lives need to keep honoring their inflated self-worth by complying with their ever-rising demands. They never take the time to reflect on their true worth or think if they will do the same if someone else made such demands of them.

Sensible humans, Insensible beings !

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