Doing good for being good


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My Dad had a small plaque on his desk forever until he passed away. It said simple words that he preached as well and instilled it deep into my mind which had eventually become a core formation of my character and happiness in my later life helping me through some of the darkest hours of my life.

It said;” Blessed is he, who expects nothing” in return for his good deeds and had a monotone picture of geese flying in their standard “V” formation across a cloudy sky.

He explained the plaque and the picture in great detail once. He explained to me that the geese are migrating birds that fly for thousands of miles south especially in fall and winter. Further, they fly in a V shape because in such a formation it helps the birds gain a great span and distance with little effort. The upward thrust produced by the bird in the front helps the following birds to glide into the air waves created with very little physical effort. However, the leading bird takes the brunt for leading the flock. Soon the leading bird is taken over by one of the following birds as a gesture of good will to give it some rest, and thus they keep doing so until the journey is complete.

Also, fall is a season where many of us venture out for hunting these very birds.  And when one of these birds is shot, or hurt, two birds immediately break from the formation and follow it down to protect it or give it comfort and company until it dies.

Similarly, they all glide down to the same lake to find food, share and eat from the same pool or pond and migrate to the same place, and work towards the same goal and fly towards the same direction all the time.

But what is surprising is also, is that they do all this in a team spirit helping each other with absolutely no expectations from the other what so ever. Each respects the other, helps the other, and breaks away from the formations to help the other and get back into other formations in their never ending cycle of life without any expectations of each other.

Likewise, if we, a highly developed species and a superior race amongst Gods creation who can communicate, interact, emote, feel, and are physically advanced, adapted the same selfless nature and worked towards the same goal and helped each other expecting nothing in return, our individual lives may be much happier, purposeful and gratifying.

The idea is a basic one where you help one and other and work in the same direction for mutual benefit. But the principle is to respect each other, help each other, give the space to each other, protect each other, and benefit from each other while doing so. But the wisdom is to do it because we are created in the image of God by himself to serve his own creation. Serve mankind, Gods creation, and in doing so, do it selflessly with honest and selfless intentions expecting nothing in return.

Therein, one can easily find happiness and fulfillment in life. For he who does good and expects nothing shall never be disappointed, but only rewarded for his deeds in a time and place and method of the creators choosing.

 “Blessed is he who expects nothing in return for his good deeds.”

Next time you see these birds fly across the sky, take a minute to watch them all flock together as a team in the same direction in the same old V formation and appreciate them for being wiser and nicer than many of us


2 responses to “Doing good for being good

  • Marcus Julius

    Too many people look to others to be chief amongst the geese flying in formation, and to take with patient humility the burden of this position. It takes a great effort to nudge apathy into a sense of humanity.

    Perhaps I’m wrong though – maybe all it takes is the influence of a single event or person, and its chance occurrence to change them. Everyone it seems waltz’s through life waiting for this event to happen – we have only to recognize its significance.


      No you arent wrong. But the question is do you choose to be amongst the other people or be that single person of influence in your this life. The capability lies amongst everyone, so does the choice, but the difference is in the intention and will of the individual.

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